Located on Sungailiat – Bangka Regency, its about 40 kilometers from Pangkalpinang, district of Bangka Belitung Archipelago Province. Parai beach is the most beautiful beaches in row east of the Bangka island. To get there, you can travel overland from Pangkalpinang for 1 hour trip. Parai is taper-shaped beach overlooking the sea. Granite boulders are so clean and not plagued by moss, wich large scattered everywhere. The atmosphere of the beach is quite different from coastal beaches of the Indian Ocean on Java Island, wich waves and wind gusts are much quieter. You can find blue sea water, coral reefs, fine white sand along the ancient granite boulder there.

The most beautiful part of this beach is the Rock Island, a collection of granite boulders forming a large group of stone resembling a small island off the rocks. To go to the Rock Island, as a simple just used a sturdy wooden bridge, complete with classic design lighting exotic on each side. Nowadays there is a bar in Rock Island, called The Rock Island Grill and Bar. You can order delicious dishes and some efreshments there, certainly it comes with sounds of pounding waves from the South China Sea, that hit Rock Island.

The Parai beach managed by Parai Beach Resort is an international standard beach which have attracted tourists from around the world. There is a 4 star hotel Parai Beach Resort if you plan to stay or take a vacation for a certain period of time. Almost all facilities available there, ranging from accommodation, restaurant, bar and grill, café, swimming pool, even sports and leisure. If you just visit to the beach without stay overnight, you will be charged admission costing for IDR 25.000 (including soft drinks available at all outlets of Parai Beach Resort)